Bowl series that doesn't miss any ingredients

Introducing a bowl set from ``Kupinujirushi'' that is extremely comfortable and durable . We have created a ``good tool'' that we can recommend with confidence, incorporating the voices of professionals and incorporating careful attention and ingenuity throughout.

1. Bring home a high-quality bowl set made by a professional kitchen product manufacturer.

2. Achieves overwhelming durability. I will be by your side forever.

3. ``Good tools'' that have been carefully designed to be extremely easy to use after listening to the voices of professionals.

Bringing ease of use to your home that meets your expectations.

Since its founding, ``Kinuinujirushi'' has been producing cooking utensils for professionals. This bowl series was designed based on the requests of culinary experts, with a thorough focus on comfort . We will introduce its excellent functionality that will surprise you when you actually use it.

■Flat edges

The edges of bowls and colanders are usually finished with a "rolled" finish. However, this had the disadvantage that water and dirt tended to accumulate inside, making it unsanitary.

On the other hand, the Puppy Mark bowl series uses flat edges. Since it is not rolled up, it is easy to wash , and it is hygienic as it prevents water and dirt from accumulating.

It's not just hygienic. The wide edge makes it easy to hold with one hand . For example, you can feel the comfort when stirring eggs or whipping cream.

As a benefit of the flat edge, I was able to pour delicately without spilling out to the side, and I was able to attach a spout to the bowl with a crisp liquid . As you can see, it is a reliable spout that does not easily drip, even with viscous liquids like eggs.

If you look inside the bowl, you'll notice a gleaming surface. This is because it is finished with electrolytic polishing after matte polishing.

With conventional bowls, when cream is whipped, the whipper and bowl rub against each other, causing a tiny amount of stainless steel to peel off, causing discoloration of the cream.

By electrolytically polishing the surface to make it smooth, we are able to prevent this kind of discoloration from occurring.

The graduations are made by pressing, making it convenient to mix ingredients. If the dish does not require precise measurements, it is OK to use a measuring cup.

There is a difference in height between the bowl and the mesh bowl, and there will be a gap when they are stacked on top of each other. This makes it easy to insert your finger and quickly lift it up, even when stacked on top of each other.

Furthermore, thanks to this difference in height, even if foods that tend to float are exposed to running water, they will not flow away with the water . If you regularly cook, you'll love this freedom from hassle.

A tray that fits perfectly over a bowl or mesh bowl is simple yet versatile. It can be used as a lid to prevent food from spilling out when draining water, shaking a colander, or tilting a bowl.

For example, you can use it as a tray to keep cut ingredients away , or as a water catcher for a mesh bowl that has been lifted from water.

When storing food, you can just put the lid on the bowl and store it in the refrigerator .

Since it has a simple shape that doesn't feel like a bulky cooking utensil, it can actually be used as a small tray.

A mesh bowl made from woven wire. The big difference from a punching colander (the type with holes) is how well it drains water. It holds even small items like rice firmly and drains water comfortably.

At first glance, they may seem like small details, but the accumulation of these things is what makes them a "good tool." It makes cooking smarter, stress-free, and more fun.

Overwhelming durability.

A colander is a tool that seems sturdy because it is made of stainless steel, but it is surprisingly fragile. Have you ever had a net tear, become distorted, or have a leg come off?

The puppy-print mesh bowl uses wire with a wire diameter of 0.57 mm, which is thicker than a typical colander , making it extremely strong. It's a professional specification that won't tear or lose its shape, so it's quality that will last for a long time even if you use it hard every day.

I tried an experiment by actually putting a weight on it.

The mesh bowl with the puppy mark does not budge even when you place a weight of approximately 8.5 kg or more on it. It has excellent durability.

In addition, due to its durability, it can be washed with a hard object such as a brush, so you can use it without worrying about fine ingredients getting tangled.

*The image is without the legs attached.

A good tool is something you can trust unconsciously.

There are many tools in the world that fulfill the functions of storing water in bowls and colanders, and draining water.

However, more than that, we must meet the expectations of those who use it, and do not let them down. Koinujirushi's tools have been developed with this in mind.

The functionality introduced so far may become less noticeable the more you use it. A truly good tool is one that becomes an extension of the user's body and acts like a familiar companion .

I think this will lead to a little bit of ``comfort'' in daily life.