About the puppy stamp

Founded in 1951, Honma Seisakusho , also known as ``Puppy Seal,'' is a manufacturer based in Tsubame-Sanjo, Niigata Prefecture, which has mainly produced kitchen products for commercial use .

We have factories that can do everything from planning the product in-house to making the mold.

Products for business use require thorough functionality . In order to realize this functionality , ``listening to voices'' is especially important .

If we don't listen to the opinions of professionals and people who actually use our products, and sincerely ensure that our products are easy to use and durable, we won't be able to earn their trust over the long term .

``In a kitchen where 200 or 300 meals are made in a day, for example, if the food sticks together, the work stops.Therefore, rather than looking flashy or using gimmicks, it is important to understand the basics. We definitely prioritize ease of use and functionality. "

President Honma draws rough sketches himself and works on product planning. The same idea applies to the craftsmen on site, who use trial and error to achieve the ideal shape with their high technical skills .

Koinujirushi products are handmade by craftsmen down to the smallest detail .

Of course, this time's ``deep Yukihira pot'' is one of them. For example, the matte finish on the surface is finished by the eyes and hands of each craftsman to create a functional and beautiful finish.

``Being functional'' and ``beautiful in appearance'' are sometimes at odds with each other, but we put our heart and soul into creating something beautiful while prioritizing functionality .

Listening to voices and making steady improvements.

The trust that Koinuinujirushi has received in the products it has brought to the world can be gauged from the amount of molds it has accumulated over several decades.

Even if the appearance of the product remains largely the same, we are proud of the fact that we have achieved ease of use through steady improvements, even if they are not flashy .

Koinujirushi's stance of ``listening to voices'' is the same for products for home use.

We at Koinuinjirushi are always looking forward to hearing from you, so please let us know if you have any opinions or requests.