Yukihira Nabe will be your partner

Introducing the Yukihira hotpot of the puppy brand.
We at Koinuin have reinterpreted Yukihira Nabe and created Yukihira Nabe to be your partner.

1. Made of 3-layer steel that brings out the strengths of stainless steel and aluminum, it can be cooked thoroughly and deliciously.
2. Thorough and easy to use. Designed to be non-stick and easy to handle with reliable spout.
3. Overwhelmingly tough. Koinujirushi has been in business for 70 years in Tsubame-Sanjo, so it has professional durability.

    ``Puppy Mark'' is highly trusted by professionals. The evolved Yukihira pot was born from Kuppyjirushi, which pursues thorough ease of use . Although the design is simple, it incorporates functional innovations.

    Yukihira-nabe, or Yukihira-nabe, to put it simply, is a one-handed pot. The standard pot is made of aluminum with a wooden handle, and the shape of the pot has remained unchanged for over half a century.

    This time, we at Koinujirushi have reinterpreted the classic Yukihira nabe.

    After much research and development into materials, shapes, and durability that are easy to use at home , we were finally able to create the ideal, evolved Yukihira pot .

    All of the products of the puppy brand are designed with ease of use as the top priority.

    "Clad three-layer steel" is a material made by sandwiching aluminum with stainless steel.

    ``Clad 3-layer steel'' is an ideal material that takes advantage of the good points of aluminum and stainless steel, while compensating for the shortcomings of each material.

    It's thick and has excellent heat protection.

    You may have the impression that stainless steel easily burns. In general, stainless steel has poor heat conductivity and must be thoroughly preheated.

    "Clad 3-layer steel" improves heat conduction than a single piece of stainless steel by sandwiching aluminum. It has the excellent durability of stainless steel, but also the ease of use of aluminum.

    I tried boiling water in a pot made of a thin single-layer stainless steel plate and a 3-layer clad steel pot.

    With single-layer stainless steel, bubbles would rise locally from the bottom, while with three-layer clad steel, the water surface would shake greatly, as if the entire structure was wobbling. You can see that the heat goes all the way to the sides and heats the entire pot evenly .

    Among the 3-layer steel that comes in a variety of thicknesses, the ``Deep Yukihira pot'' by Kitainujirushi has a sturdy thickness of 2.3 mm, which provides a good balance between weight and performance , allowing the pot to store heat well . .

    When cooking dishes that are simmered for a long period of time, good heat circulation is an important factor in preserving the flavor of the ingredients and making the dish delicious .

    Surface treatment that brings out the strengths of stainless steel.

    In general, when iron or cast iron pots are used to cook acidic foods such as tomatoes for a long period of time, the iron on the surface of the pot will dissolve, and if left as is, the flavor may be lost.

    In that respect , stainless steel is a material that is suitable for simmering all types of ingredients for long periods of time. You can also make tomato-based stew dishes delicious.

    Just as Japanese sake and wine are fermented in stainless steel tanks, the contents are less likely to deteriorate.

    The inside of the pot is made of stainless steel with a mirror finish, making it easy to remove food sticks . The smooth surface makes stir-frying delicious and effortless.

    The exterior is made of stainless steel, so IH can also be used. Stainless steel catches the powerful heat of the IH heater. Aluminum quickly and evenly transfers heat to the inside.

    The outer surface is matte finished by hand by craftsmen. This is a way to make scratches and stains less noticeable as they are used for a long time.

    The advantage of using a one-handed pot is that it can be used quickly. That's why it's designed to be easy to use even after cooking .

    The "Deep Yukihira Pot" has two spouts, large and small, for easy pouring.

    The small spout makes it easy to pour a thin layer of soup, making it suitable for use with highly watery items or for pouring soup over at the end of serving.

    On the other hand , the wide spout is designed to allow you to pour the ingredients as well , so you can easily handle everything from cooking to serving and storing.

    You can also drain the water with the special glass lid on. No more unnecessary washing.

    The Yukihira pot is easy to handle and can be used for anything from serious cooking to simple purposes like boiling tea.

    It is extremely difficult to make a spout out of a thick material like 3-layer clad steel.

    Since stainless steel and aluminum have completely different properties, it took about three months to complete the mold through trial and error while taking into account the occurrence of cuts, wrinkles, and overall distortion.

    We at Honma Seisakusho, also known as "Puppy Mark," are manufacturers that make products from molds. That's why we were able to create this spout.

    The "Deep Yukihira Pot" is equipped with a durable stainless steel handle with a brushed finish.

    The pipe-shaped handle is easy to grip and does not get hot even when heated .

    In addition, the handle and the pot body are strongly attached by welding in 7 locations. Aluminum and stainless steel have different melting points, so welding three-layer clad steel requires expert know-how.

    Since there are no irregularities on the inside like a riveted pot, it is a professional specification that is easy to wash and keep clean .

    The base of the handle is designed with the "Puppy Seal" logo as a motif.

    This pot is easy to handle, so it has a handle that can be hung and stored so that you can grab it quickly.

    "Mesh bowl" makes it more convenient.

    The ``Deep Yukihira Pot'' will be even more convenient and your cooking will go even further if you use it in conjunction with the ``Flat Edge Deep Mesh Bowl 18cm'' of the puppy brand that appeared in the first Makuake series.

    For example, you can put vegetables in a mesh bowl, put them in a Yukihira pot, and boil them quickly . In the same way, you can easily make dashi from bonito flakes.

    By stacking the mesh bowl on top of the deep Yukihira pot, there will be a gap, making it easy to lift with your fingers .