Coffee pot wide open (matte finish)

¥7,590 (税込)

A coffee pot with an emphasis on functionality such as durability and the ability to be used over an open flame.
The classic appearance has been well received, and it is used not only in households but also in restaurants.

Since the lid opens approximately 160 degrees, it is also possible to install a coffee dripper in the opening.
The knob part is machined from stainless steel, and the inside of the handle is also polished.

We have pursued ease of use in terms of functionality, with a handle that does not get hot, a lid that is easy to open and close, and a sharp spout.

The welding process that makes the main body and spout appear as one unit is technically very difficult, and each piece is finished one by one by the hands of skilled craftsmen, which is rare these days.

[What is matte finish]
A non-glossy matte finish created by blasting that takes advantage of the stainless steel material.
The simple form unique to Koinujirushi products stands out even more.

[Product specifications]
■Size (mm)
[For 1 person: 370cc] Height 115 x bottom diameter 50, board thickness 0.8
[For 2 people: 460cc] Height 140 x bottom diameter 70, board thickness 0.9
[For 5 people: 900cc] Height 185 x bottom diameter 80, board thickness 0.9
[For 8 people: 1100cc] Height 205 x bottom diameter 85, board thickness 0.9

■Material: 18-8 stainless steel

■Reference information The dripper used in the image is MT'FUJI DRIPPER manufactured by IFNi ROASTING & CO.

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