3 layer steel deep Yukihira pot 18cm

¥11,000 (税込)

An evolved Yukihira hot pot with a simple design but with functional innovations.

After much research and development into materials, shapes, and durability that are easy to use at home, we were finally able to create the ideal, evolved Yukihira pot.

[Sold separately] Click here for compatible glass lids

By using ``3-layer clad steel,'' which is made by sandwiching aluminum with stainless steel, it has better heat conduction than a single piece of stainless steel, while also having the excellent durability of stainless steel and the ease of use of aluminum.

The heat reaches all the way to the sides of the 3-layer steel cladding, allowing the entire pot to be evenly heated, so even when cooking for long periods of time, the food will come out delicious without losing its flavor.

In addition, the puppy stamp Yukihira pot has two spouts, large and small, for easy pouring.
The small spout makes it easy to pour soup into a thin stream, making it suitable for use with very watery items or for pouring soup over at the end of serving. The larger one is designed so that you can pour ingredients into it as well, so you can do everything from cooking to serving and storing without any hassle.

*Open flame, IH, and dishwasher safe *Although the handle is designed to not get hot even when exposed to fire, please be aware that it may become hot if the base or very high heat comes into direct contact with fire.

[Product specifications]
■Size: 180mm (inner diameter) Bottom diameter 140mm Height 90mm Handle length 190mm
■Weight: Approx. 825g
■Capacity: Approximately 2.0ℓ (full of water)
Body / Clad 3-layer steel (stainless steel (IH compatible) + aluminum + stainless steel SUS304) total plate thickness 2.3mm
Handle / stainless steel SUS304

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