Square bat (flat edge)

¥1,430 (税込)

A square bat with a flat edge.
The corners are stepped to prevent them from getting stuck and becoming difficult to remove when stacking.
Use special trays when storing seasonings and ingredients, and when frying foods.
You can use it conveniently by using it together with the special Ami .

*This product is a single square bat.
Square bat tray set
Tray for square bat (single item)
Fine thread for square bats (single item)

[What is flat edge]
Compared to the edge-wrapped type, which is commonly known, it has edges that make it easier to hold, and it is also more hygienic because it doesn't collect dirt easily.

[Product specifications]
■Size (mm)
30 sheets: External size 176 x 217, internal size 158 x 200, depth 30, plate thickness 0.6
21 sheets: External size 205 x 255, internal size 188 x 238, depth 38, plate thickness 0.6
18 sheets: External size 213 x 273, internal size 195 x 255, depth 40, plate thickness 0.7
15 sheets: External size 235 x 301, internal size 217 x 283, depth 45, plate thickness 0.7

■Material: 18-8 stainless steel

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